I recently stumbled on Bronnie’s article, the regrets of dying and I found it inspiring.

My first thought was, this is a perfect guide but then I realized that the kind of people (think income levels, demography, etc.) may have limited her experience too. The last sentence is an assumption but I settled on a almost perfect. Safe yeah?

Temitope’s tweet reminds me of one of the things I hope I get done sooner than later.

A few years ago, I experienced a radical change in my productivity that made me swear to good diets.

Here’s how it started. I got into accidents from falling asleep while driving which was a reflection of how bad my night sleep was — what medical professionals call sleep apnea. My productivity per hour was dropping and of course, my weight was going off the charts. Thankfully, I paid attention, got good advice and was lucky to get my body under control. Many people don’t get the chance.

Early in the week, my friend got admitted to a hospital in…

How do you feel after winning that Millennial vs Gen-Z fight on Twitter? See heads swelling! Hope you akant is doing well sha.

I know you just got this job at this fintech and you have a long todo list

  1. Move out of mummy’s house
  2. Buy a car
  3. For the smart ones, invest in the investments you understand and in coins
  4. Travel
  5. Japa!!
  6. etc
  7. Flex

But this money dey finish fast. That’s why (3) is a big deal. This blog isn’t on financial advice so I’ll pause there.

Let’s talk about number (1) though. Yes, you want to move out…

There are well respected experts, Ayisha Osori and co. I am an outsider. Outsiders are either badly wrong or “badly” right.

How are elections won anywhere in the world? It’s the numbers. Person A has more votes than person B and the winner is announced. In some cases, Person B is announced anyway but that’s not the point. At the backend, in Nigeria for example, there’s lots of politicking — candidates have to be known in their wards, they have to win primaries, etc.

I have always heard that political parties win elections in Nigeria, not people. I agree but…

Building a business isn’t always fun. Yes, a lot more nicer stories get documented and you’d hardly hear about the lessons from pain and disappointment. That’s OK I guess but let me share one quickly.

When we launched Mealimeter in late 2019, the acceptance from very respected brands was just perfect. In one case, we were going to serve 400 employees daily, in another, we had access to over 1200 employees and lots more. We tested and launched in 2 small businesses first and then the pandemic struck!! Offices closed and boom, we were hit! I know “innovative companies adapt”…

The millennial-GenZ banter on Naija twitter was mad fun especially for people like me who are millennials by number but GenZ in spirit and mind. May your noses not fall off, amen.

We have many things in common though. We’re mostly angry with the government , we are all looking to earn more money, most want to leave the “God when” foundation family and we’re all migrating once we can. While Japa-ing is in clear view, we are all trying to stay alive, grow and live less painless lives in our dear country, Nigeria.

Jenny suffers what we all suffer.

If you want to experience pain…

… and why it isn’t the only way.

A few days ago, I had a conversation with a close friend who had to consider using the kickback strategy to close a few deals. I have been in this situation before so I told him: follow your conviction. I always try not to say more than that except the conversation moves forward. It did and I’d like to share a few thoughts from that.

I have been in this boat many times — a schoolmate, a church deacon, a friend, all offering deals ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of…


This is my commitment to start writing all over again. Attempting to build a company is the hardest thing I’ve had to do and that took all of my time. I’m a lot wiser today and can still build without killing myself .. LOL.

If you haven’t read “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel BTW, stop everything and read today. Khosla is the other thought leader to follow.

Finally, I’ve been working with a team to build a supportive community of professionals and entrepreneurs at Sycamore and our communications assistant is putting out great content on Medium. Here’s the most recent: https://medium.com/@hello_59287/mental-block-is-a-21st-century-myth-the-productivity-series-2-e5733e211644 . We’d all love to hear your thoughts.

Elections are here. Vote. More importantly, it’s a good time to remember you only need one vote to fulfill your mission.



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